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Automatic Licence Plate Recognition System (ALPR)

| Thursday, February 21, 2008 |

ALPR It’s real! The all knowing patrolling police car is no longer just a presence in policemen’s dreams. Nowadays, with all this technology, cops decided to make life a lot safer. Car thieves, uninsured fellows beware, this new gadget records, reads your car’s licence plate cross-referencing each and every one against a database of plates associated with stolen and uninsured vehicles, as well as unlicensed drivers.

This gadget’s creators hope to expand the system and to use it for national security sites, airports, counter-terrorism and organized crime. Plates could be scanned as you pass through an airport terminal or when entering a garage. Just three cameras mounted outside of the police squad car (one on the front left directed at oncoming traffic, one on the front right directed at the number two lane or cars park, and a third mounted on the side for use in parking lots).

Being a policeman seems easier and patrolling may become as easy as one-two-three. When cruising down a parking lot the system will play a recognizable signal if any plates are matching. The ALPR can handle up to 3000 plates an hour (that’s one a second ;) ).

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