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Futuristic Device takes search to new levels

| Friday, February 22, 2008 |

Bringing an internet-type search function to a mobile device, this futuristic search tool incorporates a touch screen, built-in camera, scanner, WiFi, Google Map, Google Search, image search and what have you to help you give the most comprehensive search experience known to man so far. Look at a building through it and you will have image search results right there. Or touch a particular floor on a building and you have more details propping up! The device can really be a helpful tool for travelers since by simply looking at any object, be it a car, a food dish, an animal, a landmark, you can have all the detailed information you’ll ever need which means you’ll literally never get be lost again. Except when your boyfriend/husband/dad/brother refuses to stop for directions!Here is a video showing this technology at CES2008

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