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Anion Notebook ????

| Tuesday, March 4, 2008 |

There are all types of environmentally friendly technologies, of course, and MSI is experimenting with one that releases negatively charged ions to literally clear the air.

Trying to show that it's not just about superficialities, the Taiwanese computer maker is working on a concept notebook that can release as many as 550,000 ions per cubic centimeter.

As a result, MSI claims, the Anion PR620 Computer "absorbs dust particles in the air to prevent inhaling into human body." The laptop would supposedly remove everything from offensive smells to cigarette smoke and toxic gases.

The notebook absorbs dust particles in the air to prevent inhaling into human body, eliminating all possible contact to disease. The PR620 also eliminate toxic gases in the air, destroying the "Silent Assisin". According to the firm, the Anion removes all offensive and foreign smell in the air to bettering the living condition. Smoker-Free Quickly function eliminate all smog, dust, and second cigarette smoke in the air.

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