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BAMBOO Phone !!!

| Sunday, March 2, 2008 |

This one is dedicated to my roommate nicknamed 'Bamboo'.
Some people go through cell phones faster than they do a roll of toilet paper, so in an effort to reduce our carbon (and landfill) footprint, some designers are starting to create handsets that are completely biodegradable. One such handset is the Bamboo, a cell phone that the designers say is completely biodegradable. It is called the Bamboo because it contains bamboo seeds. The whole phone is biodegradable and when it breaks down bamboo seeds will be released.
After a year or so and you decide not to use the phone anymore, you can bury the print board, battery, and antenna in compost, which will then disintegrate, releasing bamboo seeds that would grow into new plants. The phone will also feature an energy-efficient monochrome display, and a hand-crack with which to re-charge the device. A 3-minute cranking session could provide enough power for one phone call.
Alternatively, I wonder whether I can just plant the entire phone into the ground and watch it reproduce asexually....

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