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Firefox addons that translate

| Sunday, March 30, 2008 |

If you were facing problem reading pages written in languages you don't know or has just made a Brazilian friend on orkut but cant understand what she says then you dont need to worry now becoause Firefox brings few addons that will solve your problem....

translator is web translation extension that allows you to translate any web page into nearly any language at the click of a button.

Currently supports the following online translation services:
* Google Translation
* Yahoo! Babelfish
* Altavista
* Im translator

The Ultimate Language Tool!

Main Features:
Web Page Translation - Translates full web pages (over 1,000 different language pairs)
Translated Search - Searches foreign pages using terms written in your language
Auto Translation - Automatically translates websites by recognizing their domain
Text Translation - Translates text entered in the search box or selected on any web page
Language Resources - Over 90 language services
Ixquick - Metasearch with unique features, language search and complete privacy
Learning Languages - Over 100 links to language learning sites
Freeware - FoxLingo is completely free and contains no adware or spyware
Complete Privacy - FoxLingo does not take any information from it's users

Supports 45 languages and Uses 35 free online web page translator services

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