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Operate touchscreen from back!!!

| Monday, March 10, 2008 |

Earlier this week Microsoft launched the new LUCIDTOUCH Technology which addresses the problem faced by the users in using the touch screen devices.People generally face a problem that their fingers block the graphical icons of the touch screen devices.Microsoft solved this problem by introducing this new technology that controls the graphical interface of the touchscreen from the back of a see through device .

This technology won’t let your fingers block your browsing or navigation in touch screen devices like GPS systems and mobiles, the users will be able to interact with the device from the backpanel. The device also support multi-touch input, you can use all your fingers simultaneosly to operate the device.LucidTouch is currently the name for a prototype device that allows users to interact with an 800x480 pixel screen without having to touch the front surface. Instead, users can choose to manipulate objects by touching a sensor pad on the back of the device; this allows users to resize images and text, as well as navigate around any graphical user interface without their hands getting in the way of the display. To achieve this, LucidTouch displays a transparent version of your hands on its screen so that you know where your fingers are but can also see through them. If you want, you can touch the front surface for some tasks through a resistive touch screen and also use the back surface for others.

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