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| Sunday, March 16, 2008 |

The technology is going ahead by leaps and bounds, specially in the robotic field, the new developements are going at an unimaginable pace. We have already seen some advancements of this field but this one is just to much to imagine. When you think of many robots coordinating together to do various tasks and change shape, it seems to be a filmi funda.But, mind it, the concept is set to form into reality by the end of 2013, if the Symbrion program continues to work well.

The European Union is developing and funding this project, the Symbrion program, to develop a prototype team of shape-changing, self-organising mini robots that work as a team. These robots will be used in places such as disasters, like earthquakes, sent into collapsed buildings to search or lift rubble off of survivors. They are reffered to as “swarms” of robots because they are an inch square in size, and software has been developed to allow individual robots, to collaborate, using their individual attributes to make the most of their performance.


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