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Blue Screen Of Death

| Monday, May 26, 2008 |

I have faced this problem many times but I never knew it was called The Blue Screen Of Death.Perhaps you are also not aware of what Blue Screen Of Death orBSOD actually is ??

Most of us are not aware of what a Blue Screen Of Death is Or better known as BSOD is. Well a Blue Screen Of Death is nothing but a blue screen error many of us face while working on windows.I got this from Techiesden and loved the post.
This screen can appear for many reasons, and a final answer to how it can be stopped has not been found yet. Either you make any changes or not, you just cannot say when you face this issue. But in case a faulty Device driver, hardware error etc. could cause these screens to come up further more often.


There may be other different error codes which could make your system face this issue. What should you do when you face this BSOD.

  • Firstly Don’t panic and check what new upgrades have been done to the system, in terms of both hardware and software.
  • Once done that, write down the error code you see, and check the possible reason for it provided here by Microsoft.
  • After that, check when you possibly face the issue, like while opening a particular file or using any particular hardware device, like in above case, Network card.
  • After that, match step 2 and 3, and come to a solution.
This should solve almost all the BSOD error messages.

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