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Now you dont need RAM to make system faster !!

| Saturday, July 26, 2008 |

I love posts because he gives such brilliant ideas that are not generally known to the techies. Here is another cool solution to the problem I have always faced due to my low RAM.

MSwin32.dll.vbs AND autorun.inf are the irritations of the computer..!
Today we are facing so many troubles with our computer such as virus problem, Booting problem, Display Problem and Error Messages etc. So here, we have some solutions for solving the slow booting and slow performance of the computer. This problem can be detected by some of Antivirus Programs but cannot be rectified. This problem seems like primordial attempt from viruses. It does nothing more than one problem alike Slow Performance.
Identifying these types of viruses is very easy.
1. We cannot open any windows and drives by double clicking especially USB Drives.

2. An unknown WSCRIPT.EXE, MONIT.EXE and SCVHOST.EXE appear in our task manager.
3. In every drive MSwin32.dll.vbs and autorun.inf hidden files will appear.
What do the Hidden Files do?
1. Make us stumble to open the drives directly. That is we cannot open the drives by double clicking. If it will, open only in a new window.
2. Login and Logout will become very slow.

Removal of the Hidden Files.

We can easily remove this type of files……

However, please note that this virus most often appears only inside the folder along with the virus and same name, which creates .exe files. After removing the virus hurry up to Task Manager and put an end for WSCRIPT.EXE, MONIT.EXE and SCVHOST.EXE.
Below is the detailed explanation.
1. Go to Folder Options (Start > Control Panel > Folder Options)
2. Enable Show Hidden Files and Folders.
3. Make Uncheck Hide Extension For Known File Types
4. Make Uncheck Hide Protected Operating System Files.
5. Click OK.

6. Go to every drive and delete the hidden files WSCRIPT.EXE, MONIT.EXE and SCVHOST.EXE completely.
7. At this attempt, please do not insert your USB drives.
8. Finish the entire removal procedure.
Let us look at the Removal in USB Drives, Digicam, Mobiles, iPods.
1. Click START > RUN > Type regedit
2. Click OK.

3. And delete the following keys.
4. Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\

6. Then navigate the following key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main
and double click on the Key Window Title.
7. Change that key value to “Microsoft Internet Explorer” (without the quotes :P).

Since this is a stupid little virus, it is easy to immunize yourself from it. And its pretty simple. Make a blank text file named autorun and change its file extension to .inf . (if you can’t see the file extension, repeat Step 2 given above). Now right click the autorun.inf file and check the option which says Read Only, and click OK.
Although this causes little troubles, yet it is very easy to immunize your computer from it. Make a blank text file named autorun and change its file extension to .inf. After creating the file right click on it make it read only.

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