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10 must have iPhone applications

| Thursday, August 14, 2008 |

iPhone is known to all and some of my readers might be using it as well. This post will be helpful for those people who are using iPhone.
Here are 10 must have iPhone applications that I came across on Sizlopedia.I have also provided the download links so that you can download the applications as well.

1. Ruler

This app will allow you to use your iPhone as a Ruler. You can measure any object by placing it on the device screen or just beside it.

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2. MiGhtyDocs

The app allows you to synchronize your iPhone with your Google Docs files for offline reading. This way you can read/edit them anywhere even without an Internet connection.

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3. UniCon

This is the most simple, free and easy to use unit converter app for iPhone. It allows unit conversions of 70 different units from 11 unique categories.

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4. SpeedType

The ultimate typing tutor app for iPhone. Use SpeedType to test your iPhone typing speed.

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5. Teleport Lite

This is the lite version of the Teleport app for iPhone. Allows you to view and control your computer from any part of the world remotely.

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6. Flashlight

Flashlight app for iPhone lets you use your iPhone screen as a guiding flashlight. It even allows you to illuminate other colors such as red, blue, green etc.

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7. Compass Free

Compass Free helps you use your iPhone as a free compass to assist you in navigation and journey.

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8. Currency

Currency app provides up-to-date exchange rate information for over 50 currencies and 70 countries.

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9. Barcode

This is a Barcode reader app for iPhone. Allow you to open matrix links in Safari, email addresses and even phone numbers.

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10. PassGen

PassGen is a random password generator app for iPhone with self-customizable options such as digit size and character case.

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Bonus App: If Found

If Found application lets you store your contact information on your iPhone so in case you lose it, the person finding your iPhone can return it back to you which he definitely will! because of AT&T contract.

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