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Check Yahoo! Mail and Gmail on Orkut

| Wednesday, August 13, 2008 |

An orkuteer has come up with very cool applications for orkut users who are adicted to orkut.These application allows the users to check and operate their gmail and yahoo accounts through orkut.

Orkut Application Review - Gmail

This application is not yet visible in orkut application directory. You can still access this application if you have an orkut sandbox account. Those having orkut sandbox account can have a feel of this application - Gmail in Orkut.

Considering the utility of this application, you can very soon see this app listed in orkut application directory.

Orkut Application Review - Yahoo! Mail

Yahoo Email application allows yahoo orkut users to check their emails on orkut itself. The application is pretty quick to load since it uses the mobile version of yahoo mail which cuts down heavy loading. All in all, cool for those who are addicted to orkut at the same time get butterflies now and then checking their email inbox.

Installation and Usage

  • Install Yahoo! Mail Orkut Application
  • Just navigate to the application page and login to check your emails.

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