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Circle Dock 2.0

| Monday, August 18, 2008 |

There are lots of dock application for Windows similar to the one in Mac, but these are always docked towards one side and is mostly in rectangle. Here is a new concept of docking- Circle Dock. Circle Dock is an open source application, so you are free to modify the code. The idea behind Circle Dock is that the dock should appear where your mouse is instead of you having to move your mouse to the dock like with other programs. This is accomplished by making the dock a circular or spiral shape so that it can be placed anywhere, even near the edge of the screen. The offscreen portions of the dock are easily reached by just scrolling with your mouse wheel or arrow keys.
Circle Dock has a ton of visual customization options as well. You can either display your icons in concentric circles, or as a spiral. You can add a rotating animation effect to the spiral to make yourself dizzy. There are a more than 30 skins to choose from. And you can decide whether the dock is always visible or if it disappears when the program loses focus or when you click an application icon. One other feature which I wish every application launcher had (and which many, but not all, do have) is the ability to select from a handful of keyboard shortcuts to show or hide the dock.

This is a lot different from the conventional docks we’re used to seeing, but it makes a lot of sense. Here are some of the features it has:

  • Drag and drop your files, folders, and shortcuts onto a circular or spiral dock.
  • Rotate the dock with either your mouse wheel or the keyboard arrow keys.
  • Change the image shown for the icons and change the skins (compatible with icons and skins for Rocket Dock, Object Dock, etc.)
  • Ability to run the program from a portable USB memory stick and have the links in the dock point to the documents on the USB memory stick.
  • Ability to synchronize the links on the dock with the files, folders, and shortcuts on your desktop or other folders in real-time.
  • The dock appears where your mouse is by pressing a hotkey.
  • Works on computers with multiple monitors.
Download Circle Dock [Via Download Squad]

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marvin said...

I don't have the spiral thing.
I wanna have it
I just have the cirucular

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