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Computer Pranks!!

| Wednesday, August 27, 2008 |

Everybody loves pranks.I and my friends have also played many pranks on one of our friends Vaibhav.Once we had a great laugh when we caught him in our prank in which we changed the mobile number of his father on his mobile and replaced it with one of ours and then called him saying that his father's friend is calling and scolded him for sending an obscene message to his father.
Here I present some pranks you can play with your friends using some free tools on your PC.

The Mouse Trick – If you have access to your friend’s PC, give them some headache by switching the mouse buttons to function in reverse. To do that go to the control panel and select mouse, from the options you see for button configuration, check switch primary and secondary buttons, and watch your friend go crazy for a few minutes.
Vista Upgrade Prank – Simulates a Windows Vista upgrade, with full fledged bootup and login sequence. At the end it shows a Max OS X screen, definitely nice to drive a friend crazy. Download Vista Upgrade Prank.
Add / Remove Prank – This small software can send your friends into a frenzy, it simulates that all the programs on the user’s machine is being uninstalled. Pretty funny and bound to get your laughing, watching your friends reactions. Download Add/Remove Prank.
ReplaceKeys – Interchanges the keys on the standard keyboard to output some other character while typing, definitely worth watching how your friends go crazy at what they are typing and what’s being shown on the screen. Download ReplaceKeys.
Popup Prank – Opens popups just like those weird popup sites with user defined images, you can also hide the software so that it only opens up when a Internet Browser is opened. Download Popup Prank.
Download Hoax – Simulates downloads from a random “undesirable” website to occur. Though the download does not happen in real, your friends will have a hard time trying to stop it. Download DownHoax.
Fake Delete – Simulates deletion of all the files in Windows, or optionally a folder you choose. No files are actually deleted, but worth watching the sweat come down on your friends face. Download Fake Delete.
Fake Format – Another prank gem, which shows a user that their harddrive is being formatted, be sure to be at the ring side to see your friend freak out. Download Fake Format.
Are You Stupid Button – This is a pretty old prank, but interesting nevertheless. Shows users a button with a question “Are You Stupid”, with three buttons saying No and 1 saying Yes, hovering over the No button will move the buttons away from the mouse cursor. The button text are customizable. Download Are You Stupid Button.
Followme – Makes the start button move around with the mouse, to close you will need to go to the top left corner of your screen and click with the mouse. Download Followme.
[via Techie Buzz]

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