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Minimize Running Application to Desktop as Thumbnail

| Friday, August 22, 2008 |

miniMIZE is a small desktop enhancing application that catches windows that you minimize and puts a thumbnail of the main application window on your desktop.
minimize program to desktop as thumbnail
miniMIZE supports exclusion list to ignore windows and applications that you don’t want to minimize to desktop as thumbnail. It also has hotkeys to cycle thumbnail levels, minimize all windows and show/hide thumbnails.
Latest Version: Build 1.0.37 (Public Beta 3)

  • Ability to change start position of thumbnail placement
  • Ability to change direction of thumbnail placement
  • miniMIZE now cleans up after crashed applications
  • Changing the default window level no longer affects current thumbnails
  • Access to miniMIZE help from the context menu
  • Fixed window level from being lost on restore and re-minimize of a window
  • A number of fixes for strangeness that appeared when Explorer crashes
This application works only for Windows XP users

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vista users can get a similiar software at

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