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Mobile with Projector

| Friday, August 15, 2008 |

Another feature added in mobiles!

Samsung has just launched a mobile with a projector which will provide an ultimate tool to its user.In addition to being useful for presentations it will be used widely as a source of entertainment as the users can use it to watch movies on big screens now.

The only reasonable ability is we can watch the stored movies on a large screen and we can enjoy an array of multimedia and video games.This projector produces a lot of light for getting saturated images and pictures so that we will lose the charge of battery earlier.

This is a newer generation of miniaturized video components. This is a made up of Highly Durable Polycarbonate. Energy saving is happened by graphite sheet to increase and decrease the heat conductivity. The edges are made up of aluminum to enhance the heat radiation away from the projector module and functional keys.


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