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Send Secret Messages in Orkut

| Tuesday, August 26, 2008 |

You must be using Orkut.Don't you?

Well everybody is a fan of orkut.But there is one problem that we often face in orkut.The problem is that if we want to send a secret information in orkut then we cannot send it privately.The secret information can be anything like a phone number,address,email id etc.It becomes public or visible to other friends .Now there is a solution to this problem I found courtesy Pavan.

Secret message as orkut testimonial

Hope you all know the orkut testimonials. This is the solution discussed here. Whenever you send a testimonial, it will be popped up in the orkut home just below the recent visitors section. That definitely grabs the attention of user and he will surely notice that! In the testimonial content, don’t forget to write the message that he should not accept the testimonial and MUST reject that. Have you ever tried this before?

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