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Fastest Operating System-15 sec bootup !!

| Sunday, September 7, 2008 |

Are you sick of the booting time your Windows Vista or Windows XP takes??Well then you are in for a treat because the much hyped Microsoft Windows 7 which is set to release by 2010 is rumoured to boot up in 15 seconds.Isn't it great? 15 seconds?

I have already pasted ome windows 7 screenshots if you havent seen in an earlier post.
But is this version of Windows a Design Genius or an Overkill?
I read this very interesting piece by Julian Stone saying that this version of Windows though contains all the features that you can think of but the number of features is so large that it will be a big headache for the users.So lets see whether this fast version of Windows impresses its users or not.

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myariff said...

I think I'm gonna like it... who knows, 7 is one of my fav numbers.

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