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Watch contents of ZIP without extracting!!

| Friday, September 12, 2008 |

Have you ever felt a need to view the contents of a zipped folder without ever extracting it? Can you do that?
I found a very handy application that lets you view images in zip files without extracting them. It’s called Inzomia Viewer.

 But let me tell you that
With the Inzomia viewer you can view images in compressed zip files just as you would any image.
To view a zip file, drop it on the playlist or open it from the 'add file/add dir' button. If you add a folder all images in the folder including images in zip files in the folder will be added.

Zip files are a convinient way to keep image series together.
Download Inzomia Viewer

view from windows explorer
images in a zip displayed as thumbnails

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