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Help !! Unable to view Google Adsense

| Thursday, November 13, 2008 |

Hey help me....for the past few weeks I am quite worried and have tried all possible things from changing the
template to deleting posts to checking all possible solutions given by google. I am not able to view my google adsense, though my google search box is working absolutely fine.Google has not even blocked my url but still google text and image ads are not visible. Even in my other blog Kool Wallpaperz adsense is working perfectly fine and all the text and image ads are visible.

Please help me out if you know the solution by writing comments on this post or by mailing me at

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myariff said...

i think u should check your url under the google account name... i have also the same probs as you once ago, but then i managed to overcome it and appreciate google coz they have send me an email for me saying that there is an ads that has been blocked.

They also said, there are some sort of other ads like clicksor and erm... i can't remember, but both of it has been blocked by google adsense tos. Check t&c. And also, i consider u to delete all the widget all u have in this blog. But, make a backup by using notepad. Save the code. Then, use the blogger default theme. Then, add some ads form google. Then, change the theme as u want. Then, see if the ads is appeared. Then, copy+paste the code that u save in the notepad. Done.

But, if the same probs come again, please let me know... I will help u as best as i could.
I'm helping blogger community... just send me an email or just go to my websites, and drop some comments so that i know u r there.

May u find ur way. Gud luck...

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