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Device that hits you while playing - Mindwire V5!!

| Tuesday, March 11, 2008 |

How would you like a device that actually induces localized electric shocks each time you're punched or shot in a game?Sure, your games are thrilling and all, but they don't exactly cause actual pain, do they?Yes, for all of you out there who are looking for some sadistic thrill while playing video games Mindwire Limited brings you a new gadget called Mindwire V5 which will get you shocked in real life when you get fragged in Unreal, sacked in Madden, or robbed in GTA !!
The device works by splitting your controller input to the "brain" of the V5 and your console, then sends electric jolts via electrode pads on your skin. Right now the company has a model tested and working with the PS2, Xbox, GameCube, and PCs, though they appear to be making preparations for current gen consoles in the next iteration of the device.It has a ‘dumb dumb’ mode for existing games (reacts to the force-feedback signal) and offers other ’special’ features for specially designed games.
The idea's not innately bad, but it's probably premature, and pretty clunky-looking to boot. I hate having to wrap the Wii remote's strap around my wrist already, and now you want me to take the time to hook up nearly a dozen electrodes to my arms, legs, and chest?

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