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Robot fire paintballs

| Tuesday, March 11, 2008 |

gepetto_robot_paintball_1.jpg We've seen paintball guns destined for robot mounting, but darkback2 reckoned it was entirely more wicked to actually construct his own paintballing overlord from scratch. Apparently, Gepetto wasn't born to a be a killer (nor a lover, for that matter), but the idea of remotely controlling a security guard outside your domicile really gets our gears turning. Head on past the break to catch a couple of videos of this creature in action -- oh, and Gepetto, we hear there's a street down in Atlanta that could use someone like you.
The Gepetto Robot has been created by builder Che Edoga (aka "darkback2″) and is a wood and metal robot that can fire paintballs (via remote control) and make life miserable for its enemies. This evil AI mobile robotic platform features a built-in video camera and screen for interacting with people; taunting the unsuspecting victim remotely in paintball mode. Gepetto carries a laptop on its back, and can maneuver itself across due to its independent wheel mechanism that can travel as much as three inches in height. Its can navigate flat surfaces and carpets but climbing slopes, or hills is not on the agenda.
Darkback2 plans on continuing to upgrade Gepetto Robot's navigation, intelligence, vision and other systems in the coming months.

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