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Everyday Tech problems ?? No problem !!

| Thursday, May 22, 2008 |

To err is technical and to fix is human.There's a place where you
can get easy solution for your tech problems-log on to zolved.com.
This is quite a comprehensive service where you can search from
among huge number of �solution submitted by the community.
You can find solutions to hardware ,software,Personal Media
Players,wireless networks,Gaming consoles,even generic Internet

You have troubleshooting solutions,"How To"solutions,and more.
The "troubleshooting"ones cover specific problems such as syncing
iTunes to window vista.The "How to"ones help you find manuals
and guides for �mobile phone models,router,media players,etc.Stuck
with a setup? Just follow the setup solution listed,and also find links
to software as well as drivers!
If you're still not able to find a way out of your problem,you can ask
a guru for help.(You''ll have to wait,of course!)You can discuss your
problem with other users as well as technical experts on the forum.
Go ahead-next time you're about to break your moniter or someth-
ing, try and zolve the problem first!

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