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Get most sought after Windows extensions now

| Friday, May 30, 2008 |

This one is definitely going to become my favorite. This is about a package of extensions offered by extensoft and brings out the most sought after extensions, atleast I have always wanted these extension since a long time, for Windows Vista. I read this piece on Lyte Byte and since then have been thinking about this only.

Here are the features of this package :

1. Image Processing Extension:

Use it convert image formats, resize or rotate images. It even helps in removing noise from pictures. Just right click the Image file -> Extensions and under Image tools find options to convert or resize. When you click Resize/Convert, it also allows to Denoise and apply effects like Smooth, Sharp, Auto Color, Auto Contrast, Auto Brightness etc.

Image Convert Extension 2

Resize or Conert Image with Extension

2. Document Converter Extension:

Convert document formats like DOC, DOCX, PDF, HTML, XML, RTF, TXT for free. To convert just right click the document file and click the Document Converter Extension to guide you to select to which format it should be converted.

Document Converter Extension

3. Screen Capture Extension:

Its nothing but a free high quality screen casting extension. You can take screenshots of the Full Screen, Current Window, or a Particular Window or even sections within a Window. It allows to save these files in a clipboard, in a folder, or send to the email client or Printer.

It also allows to take high quality video animation of the screen in the same way you take the screenshot. It saves the file in WMV or AVI format along with the audio input through the inbuilt Microphone or through any audio input.

Screen Capture Extension

4. PDF Printer Extension:

It literally converts any printable file to PDF Format. So this not only allows to print text documents but also other files like Excel or PowerPoint etc. Its the ultimate PDF converter for free.

Print to PDF Extension

5. Disk Analyzer Extension:

Analyzes available disk space as an overall disk or any folder. Also assists in disk cleanup. There is a cleanup link next to drive for easy access and also a tools link which direct to Defragmentation, Error Checking and Backup. Also you can easily sort by largest files or folder to find which is occupying large amount of space.

Disk Analyzer for Vista

(Pic: Overall view of different drives)

Disk Analyzer for Vista 2

(Pic: Volume and Size of files inside a Folder)

6. Explorer Extension:

Takes Windows Explorer to the next level. This extension manages directory and file browsers with the ability to save folders and configurations.

You can have two Windows Explorer side by side to compare files and each explorer can have multiple tabs where you can store different folders. You can also save this settings in the form of a main tab so that you can view this mode later on.

Windows Explorer Extension

7. File Compare Extension:

Used to compare text files such as text documents, HTML and program source codes.

It will compare two files and you can choose options whether to compare very strictly with Case changes, White Spaces and Empty lines.

On comparing, it will highlight the difference and will list the characters that are equal, modified, deleted or inserted at the bottom.

File Compare Extension

8. Search and Replace Extension:

It allows to search files and mails and to replace text in any files. It gives a wide selection criteria like File Type, Date modified, Containing text, Case Sensitive, Whole Word, Size, Tags etc.

You can either Windows Search indexing or Google desktop if you have installed Google Desktop.

Search and Replace Extension

9. Compression Extension:

Use it to compress, extract or convert files between various archive formats. To name a few it supports ZIP, RAR, TGZ, JAR, CAR etc. Just right click a compressed to access this extension and use it like a regular a compression software.

10. Shortcuts Manager Extension:

It helps to manage keyboard Shortcut Keys to launch any application, open files or folders. It even lets to override system shortcuts. If you don’t know what a particular shortcut does, you can refer here and maybe even learn something new.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Shortcuts manager Extension

Keyboard Shortcuts all

11. Virtual Drive Extension:

It allows to save and emulate CD-ROMS, DVDs, and hard disks such as ISO files without changing physical media. It also supports secure drive encryption.

Create Virtual Drives

12. FTP Client Extension:

It gives an integrated access to FTP and SFTP Servers from Windows Explorer. In Lyte Byte, we have earlier discussed about how we can set up FTP within Windows Explorer but this gives a very easy access to set up and use FTP.

To setup new FTP, go to FTP folder under Computer and right click -> Extensions -> Add New FTP Location.

FTP Connection in Windows Explorer 2

FTP Connection in Windows Explorer

Bonus Extension

Task Manager Extension:

It gives an enhanced version of Windows Task Manager.

Enchanced Task Manager Extension

All the extensions can be easily managed in its own Extensions Updater and you can choose to enable and disable individual extensions.

Extension Updater

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