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New orkut themes !!

| Friday, May 30, 2008 |

This one is dedicated to all the orkut addicts especially my friends : manoj,deepak,addu and raza.Here is a cool tip I just read on orkutplus. Its a really cool one for the orkut users who are bored with their old orkut themes and waiting for orkut to change its theme.Now for all those people, you dont need to wait for orkut to change its theme, you can change the theme yourself by using a userscript and the greasemonkey firefox extension.

» Screenshot - Beach Theme

» Screenshot - Country Theme

» Screenshot - Season Theme

» Screenshot - Bus Stop Theme

» Screenshot - Autumn Theme

» Screenshot - Tiger Theme

» Screenshot - Winter Theme

» Screenshot - Jr001 Theme

» Screenshot - Snowman Theme

» Screenshot - Tea House Theme

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MKP said...

your post is really like a tonic for orkut addicts .....
keep it up .
by -

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