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Add background to your blog!!

| Saturday, June 21, 2008 |

Adding background in a blog, that is what we are talking about now. Bored up with the template color and want to add some twist by adding background to a blog then this post is for you.

For adding background in your blog, first you need an background image. Squidfingers is the one with lots of background images. After choosing your background image, you should upload it to the web. I use Google pages for this mostly. Now we found our background image and we uploaded it to the net so what should we do next? Next, shut down your computer. Wait, just kidding. Now search for the following code in your Edit HTMl page of layout section.

body {

We need to add the url of the background image in the following format:


Now put your image url just below the first code and it may look like this:

body {

Now replace my url with your own image url. Be sure ; appears at the end of the statement.
Now if you did well then your background must be visible after you save the template and reload your blog.
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