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Remove files permanently from your disk

| Sunday, June 1, 2008 |

Maybe you are not aware of the fact that the files you delete are not deleted permanently and can be retrieved using system restore or through softwares. So here is a tool that removes the files from your disk completely and permanently.This process is called shredding and the tools used for this are called shredders.This tool here is called Eraser.

Eraser is a secure file deletion tool that allows you to completely remove sensitive data from your hard drive by overwriting it several times with sophisticated patterns (Gutman, USDoD and others). You can simply drag and drop files and/or folders onto the on-demand eraser, use the convenient Windows Explorer right-click extension or use the built-in scheduler for automated wiping of unused disk space, browser cache files etc. Easy to use and secure!

1. Launch Eraser by clicking on the icon on your desktop
2. In the Eraser window menu bar, choose File > New Task

3. To perform file shredding on the free space of your hard drive, leave the first option selected and choose the drive where the shredding should happen
4. To shred specific folders, select the second option and choose the folders whose files need to be shredded. If you want the files in the selected folder’s subfolders to be shredded too, check the Subfolders option
5. To shred a particular file, select the third option and browse through to select the file that should be shredded

6. Click OK
7. You should see a new task listed in the Eraser window
8. Now select the task and click the Run icon from the Eraser toolbar. Otherwise, press Ctrl+R

9.  The selected shredding operation will now happen
10. Alternatively, you can shred files/folders from within Windows Explorer itself by right clicking and choosing Erase.

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