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Gmail black theme !!

| Friday, August 1, 2008 |

Yesterday I wrote a post on the BC theme of Gmail.Today I am writing a post on an alternative way to download that theme which I tried and liked.The theme will become a favourite for those who like black colour like me. So, here is that way :
that is required is Firefox and the Stylish Firefox add-on.

Once you make sure Stylish is properly installed on Firefox, follow the steps below.

  1. Open the following stylesheet in a browser tab.
  2. Find the Stylish icon in Firefox on the far bottom-right side of the status bar.
  3. Right click it and select Add File to Stylish.
  4. In the description, write Gmail Black and leave all boxes checked.
  5. Click Save

And you are done! This will give Gmail the ultimate Stylish Black look. For a preview see the screenshots below:

If you ever wish to revert to the boring default Gmail design, simply Right Click on Stylish icon and click Manage Styles, then delete the Gmail Black stylesheet.

[via sizlopedia]

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