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Google Doodles!!

| Thursday, August 14, 2008 |

Those who use Google know what google doodle is.I f you don't just watch the pics below you will know what it is.I got this piece from which shows the doodles used by google on some very special days of the year.

Mother’s Day

Father’s Day

Women’s Day

National Library Day

St. Patrick’s Day

St. George’s Day

Da Vinci’s Birthday

Michelangelo’s Birthday

Einstein’s Birthday

Ray Charles’ Birthday

Dragon’s Day

Alfred Hitchcock’s Birthday

Earth Day


Valentine’s Day

Water Day

National Teacher’s Day

125th Birthday of Walter Gropius

Invention of the first laser

Mother’s Day

Design by Jeff Koons

Earth Day

First Day of Spring

Persian New Year

St. Patrick’s Day

Alexander Graham Bell’s Birthday

Leap Year

Valentine’s Day

Chinese New Year

50th Anniversary of Lego Brick

Martin Luther King Jr. Day

25 Years of TCP/IP

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