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Reveal *'s password field in Firefox

| Thursday, August 14, 2008 |

Here's a neat little trick I just came across over at FiddyP, it's not really a hack, just a simple code, a line of javascript that anyone can use without needing to know how it works. Without even needing me to explain it, the picture below pretty much describes it...

Reveal Password Trick Firefox Browser

All you got to do is just copy and paste the following code into your browser address bar whenever you see an asterisked form field and press enter...

  1. javascript:var els = document.getElementsByTagName('input'); for(var x=0; xlength; x++){ if(els[x].type.toLowerCase() == 'password' ){ var test = els[x].type = 'text';}}

The only downside is, this works only on Firefox and not any other browser!

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