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Minimize Open windows to thumbnails

| Tuesday, September 16, 2008 |

A couple of weeks back I wrote about a software MINIMIZE that minimized your running application windows as a thumbnail on your desktop. But the software worked only for windows XP. But I have found a similiar software for windows Vista users also.
The software is called THUMBWIN.

When you hit the minimize tab on any program in Windows, your application will disappear into the taskbar. But if you've got more than a few applications hiding out in your taskbar, it can be kind of tough to find the program you're looking for.

ThumbWin gives your minimized windows a bit more visual information. Once you install and run this tiny application, any time you minimize a window, a thumbnail will be created on your desktop. You can click the thumbnail to maximize a window, or click the close button on a thumbnail to exit a program.

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Himanshu said...

XP users can get minimise at this link

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